• Best Bidet Attachment

    Once you bidet, you can never come back! 

    Have you ever felt weird when having a shower or stepping into a bathtub? – Of course not! Well, it is exactly the same, with much better targeting. So, why do you get awkward about it? 

  • Clearing All Today’s Bidet Confusion

    Bidets have long been popular in Asia and some European countries. However, it is only recently that these products reach the US territory.

    That is why the confusion of the bidet among Americans is quite obvious today. Apparently, out of 400 Americans, only 3.75 percent are familiar to bidets.

    It's about 15 people alone. Despite this, these 15 people testify that bidets have revolutionized their experiences in the bathroom.

    In fact, they also recommend the use of bidets because of its ecological benefits. But before proceeding to its green advantages and further expand the confusion of the bidet, let's start with the basics first. And this mainly refers to the bidet.