Clearing All Today’s Bidet Confusion

Bidets have long been popular in Asia and some European countries. However, it is only recently that these products reach the US territory.

That is why the confusion of the bidet among Americans is quite obvious today. Apparently, out of 400 Americans, only 3.75 percent are familiar to bidets.

It's about 15 people alone. Despite this, these 15 people testify that bidets have revolutionized their experiences in the bathroom.

In fact, they also recommend the use of bidets because of its ecological benefits. But before proceeding to its green advantages and further expand the confusion of the bidet, let's start with the basics first. And this mainly refers to the bidet.

What is Bidet?

The bidet is simply a bathroom accessory that sprays water into your private space. Some models have more advanced and innovative features. But, the most basic offer a simple spray nozzle for the flow of water. In other words, think of bidets like showers for your private area after using the toilet. There are three types of bidets. And normally, this is where the confusion of the bidet begins. In today's market you will find bidet hoses, bidet accessories and bidet toilet seats.

Bidet hoses

The most fundamental of all is the bidet hose. You will need to connect the hose to your existing water supply. In addition, they are used manually.

So, after doing your business in the toilet, you will need to put the hose near your private area and spray the bidet hose to clean.

Bidet Attachments

Bidet Attachments are the type of bidet you will need - Jasmine-1H, Self Cleaning Single Nozzle Hot And Cold Review on your existing toilet. Some are electric and some are manual. Usually the bidet nozzle is placed under the toilet seat.

Therefore, once done with your toilet business, you just need to turn the switch or press the buttons to let the nozzle spray water. An excellent example of a bidet accessory is seen in this review of the Astor Bidet CB-1000 toilet seat accessory.

Bidet toilet seats

are the most innovative of all. You will need to replace the entire toilet seat as the accessory set includes the bidet and toilet. It is also much more expensive than other types. Yet the features they offer are very advanced. Some will allow you to control the temperature and spray level. Some even offer heated seats equipped with LED lights. But in general, bidet toilet seats are the most popular option for many hotels and houses.

Why is there a bidet confusion?

The apparent confusion of the bidet largely involves the types of bidet. But, one of the main reasons why many people are confused with the product is because bidets are not popular in the region. Americans are used to using toilet paper when it comes to dealing with their toilets.

And having a new accessory to replace what is already established a long time ago is not really attractive. It is also worth noting that the use of this accessory is not properly introduced into American culture.

And there are many factors to consider in this matter. However, regardless of these factors, bidets are increasingly in demand. And since the use of toilet paper decreases due to the arrival of the bidet, it saves more paper and trees. 

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