Best types of bidets and attachments

Best types of bidets and attachments in California

After covid-19 pandemic, a lot of people found bidet is a good option for them and they started to look for the best bidet in America, there are lots of options to choose from in case you are interested in bidet, whether you are looking for a simple or more extravagant models in bidet, SF bidet have got you covered with many styles, features and prices.

But what type of bidets to choose in USA?

Stand-alone bidet.

It is known as porcelain toilet lookalikes that could 

One of the best stand- alone bidet is porcelain toilet lookalike that could be confused with low sinks. A tap on the top of the device sprays water to the genital area every time you squat or sit down

Handheld hose.

Also called a bidet shower, it is a nozzle that attached to the toilet, it is manually placed near your private are to clean your genitals after using the toilet

It also for freshening up, as you can control the positioning of stream of water by hand held bidet

Toilet seat bidet.

You choose a brand -new toilet seat that has the same function as a bidet, it comes with other features such as a fan dry .it depends on the model and there is a remote located on the side with different functions 

Bidet attachment.

This is a cost-effective option. The device is installed underneath the toilet seat with a control panel set at the side of the toilet. There’s a retractable nozzle that sprays water. The installation process is basic

Freestanding bidet

This type is the traditional one. Freestanding bidets are placed next to the regular toilet seats; it might be filled with water that rises to the surface of the bowl

Built-in bidet

It is a toilet that is equipped with a bidet feature.

First you flush a toilet with a built-in bidet, then the toilet automatically dispense a vertical steam of water to cleanse you

Warm water bidet

It can be any type of bidet built-in, free-standing, or sprayer attachment, what happen is the warm water bidet simply hooked up to the hot water pipe system ,sometimes it has a built-in water warmer which provides a warmer spritz to your bottom every time you use it

How to use a bidet

There are a lot of questions from different places in USA asking

How to use a bidet?

You can ask our team and they will help you for sure to plan an attempt

Try to flush the built-in bidet or turn the spray nozzle on or flush the built-in bidet, so you can see where the stream of water will come from and how powerful the pressure will be.

Tips for proper use.

  • Check out the bidet before you use it
  • The first time you use a bidet ,clean off with toilet paper first before using the bidet spray
  • It is not a requirement to use soap to use a bidet ,even if some people use the bidet like a mini -shower after a bowel movement or freshening up
  • Make sure that any clothing item doesn't turn on a bidet jets
  • Make sure you remember to shut off the T-valve after every use as forgetting to turn it off could result in a leaky attachment.