Best Bidet Attachment

Once you bidet, you can never come back! 

Have you ever felt weird when having a shower or stepping into a bathtub? – Of course not! Well, it is exactly the same, with much better targeting. So, why do you get awkward about it? 

Bidets are not common in the American toilet culture but popular in many countries around the world, going to the top by the second. Aside from the fresh feeling, it offers a hygiene lifestyle like nothing else. Everyone should start to embrace their beauty and effectiveness. It is also perfect for our elderly and disabled relatives and beloved ones. Probably you’re wondering how a bidet attachment works and if it is better than toilet paper. Will your friends and family accept it or will it be strange?  Want to know more about Bidet attachments? – Scroll down for more! 

How do Bidet seats work? 

The Bidet nozzle remains still inside the toilet seat until you press the wash button or turn the side knobs. Once you press, a soothing water spray springs out of the nozzle, washing way more effectively than toilet paper. The nozzle also self-cleans itself to eliminate any wastes or gunk before it retracts again. 

Reasons to use Toilet Bidet Attachments

  • Comfort 

Ever felt uncomfortable when using ordinary toilet paper? – Of course! Toilet paper doesn't leave you entirely clean, causing irritations and not to mention itchiness. Here comes the savior! A toilet bidet attachment is the ideal alternative for toilet paper, leaving you fresh and clean without getting a shower. Using a bidet, you will use a small amount of paper for just drying afterwards. Our Best sellers offer the best nozzle position, making it as comfortable as possible. 

No more wiping, no more discomfort! Now, you can easily improve your toilet experience and enjoy a more sustainable and clean atmosphere. For women, it is better to use a soothing water stream than toilet paper or vaginal wash on sensitive areas. You don't need to wipe vigorously with toilet paper or using chemical-packed wipes. Nothing beats the powerful mix of a water rinse and wipe. 

  • Hygiene Benefits 

Many people -who have recently tried our bidets-, have stated that it will be heartbreaking to get back to the old bidet-less life! You know why?! Touted to be more sanitary than toilet paper, bidet attachments have proven their worth for a superior toileting experience. Bidets remove waste and bacteria effectively, achieving a healthier lifestyle like never before. And, if you're suffering from any medical condition, it offers a hassle-free cleaning experience without any hand contact. No, not bizarre anymore! Change your existing toilet into a bidet, enjoy the gentle water spray against your skin, and be fresh as a newborn baby. Just make sure to use it wisely so you won't get your clothes wet. Oh! This won't be good! 

Due to the Covide-19 pandemic, it is advisable to wash your hands frequently to avoid any possible infection. Pandemic or not, washing your hands is a must to avoid the spread of germs. Yes, a Bidet attachment doesn't wash hands. However, it avoids excrement-hand contact, offering a more sanitary and healthier life. Also, the pandemic has resulted in a toilet paper shortage, turning the spotlight on Bidets. A much better alternative indeed! 

  • Coziness in Winter

It can be quite difficult to change your behavior and customs. But, what if we offered a warm, cozy stream of water in the cold winter? –Tempting, right?! Our dual nozzle bidet attachments feature both cold and warm water, with different temperature settings. Adjust the temperature according to your preference and enjoy a nice warm wash in winter. Once you try our non-electric bidet toilet attachment, you won't be able to live without it again. Fresh, clean, and cozy! 

  • Environment Friendly 

Do you know how many trees are cut daily to manufacture toilet paper? – 27,000 trees a day. Shocking, right?! 

If you're a nature lover, you're just going to love this! Switching to bidet attachment will save more than 15 million trees and 437 billion gallons of water. With our bidets, you will consume toilet paper at a very little pace for the drying process. 

  • Perfect for males and females

Who said bidets are suitable for females only? – Bidets offer a healthy, fresh life for both males and females. A toilet bidet seat offers two separate wash options, a feminine wash for females and a posterior one for both genders. This fresh water relieves some issues and problems related to hemorrhoids, sensitive skin, and more.  

  • Value for the Money 

Americans alone pay over $6 billion on toilet paper every year. Can you imagine?! A bidet attachment is your wallet's friend, being easy to get and affordable. Contact us and get to know about the different models that suit your budget and needs. Replace your old toilet seat, enjoy the ultimate cleansing experience, and save much money at the same time. 

  • No plumbing required

Many people think that adding a bidet attachment to their existing toilet seat is an overwhelming process. Clearly, they are wrong! It is easy to install with no plumbing expertise or complicated tools that you can do it yourself. And, to help you, we've provided a detailed video to help you go through the whole process step-by-step until you install it. Aiming to be your best partner, we are here to help regarding any inquiry.

Don't worry; we've got your back! 

Are you ready to use a high-tech toilet add-on?

Get over your fear of the new and add powerful change to your toilet! Overcome your traditional mindset and choose from a wide selection of bidet attachments for a healthier life. Also, you get to control the water pressure yourself; intense cleaning with high pressure and gentle spray with lower pressure. Aside from cleaning you, it is a fabulous self-cleaning machine, with nozzles that spray water after each use. With so many options and benefits, are you still skeptical? – Don't think so!