Why don't We use bidets?

Coronavirus pandemic has changed perspectives as the toilet paper now has become difficult to find ad consumers faced the prospect of shortages lasting for a while

Don't worry about the expense as it varies according to the type of product and experience you are looking for

But it is the most suitable time to get acquainted with the idea

In this article, you will know the advantages of bidets and why Americans don't use bidets and bidets attachments even though they are a superior option to toilet paper

Lack of information

Most people in America have lack information about bidets and bidet attachment, many Americans think of bidets as unsanitary, and there is a lack of information about bidets and their way of the usage

Americans don't know what a bidet is

Many Americans are unfamiliar with bidets and their advantages, if you asked the average of them they might ask you “what is a bidet?”, “What is a bidet attachment?”, "What is a bidet for?" Even today with the existence of the internet, they are not familiar with bidets.

There are many factors that keep Americans away from traveling .that’s why many Americans have not seen or heard about the bidet.

Stories abound of confused Americans using bidets in all sorts of curious and inappropriate ways.

Many people may ask why hasn't America embraced the bidet?

Unfortunately, bathrooms in us are not really built for bidets

As there is no additional plumbing set up for bidet fixtures. but the biggest reason is most Americans grew up using toilet paper and many of them don't even know that there‘s an alternative way to stay clean

Some people might be wondering about wet wipes. as they think that wet wipes do pretty much the same thing actually, wiping irritates the skin and gives you rashes

And of course, it leaves a residue, wet wipes are harmful to the environment

But washing with a bidet can help with cleanliness, which means fewer instances of rashes, urinary tract infections, and other medical issues.

You should not be worried about using toilet water to clean your back end,

As it is just tap water, just like water from your sink .give the bidet a try and just wash without hopping into the shower.